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Choosing the Right Bike Lights

Posted by on May 6, 2013

Riding a bicycle in conditions with low visibility can be dangerous if you do not have anything illuminating you or your bike. Reduced visibility, when combined with the speed at which cars move, makes bikers who do not have lights incredibly difficult to see. However, adding front and back lights to your bike can make you dramatically more visible, even in fog, rain, and darkness.

bicycle safety

There are three primary kinds of bicycle headlights, distinguishable by how powerful they are. The standard light that all bikers should have is a basic commuter light. These lights don’t do much in the way of lighting a pathway, but they do increase your visibility to other vehicles, meaning they are much more likely to see you and therefore avoid a collision. Medium-powered lights are similar, but can light part of your way as well.

Beyond that, lights become increasingly powerful to the point where they can safely light an advanced trail at night. This is great for off-road cycling, but almost totally unnecessary for day-to-day commuting.

Staying visible at night or in foggy conditions is vital for cyclists since it drastically increases the chances cars will see them, reducing their risk of being injured in car accidents.

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