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Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

Posted by on May 18, 2013

Despite the rising statistics of motorcycle accidents, there are still a lot of people who prefer to ride their bikes than to drive a car. Why, you ask? Because they believe that motorcycles are a lot safer. Here are some reasons why people believe two-wheeled motorcycles are a safer vehicle than their four-wheeled counterparts:


  1. Better view of the road – with the rider’s position, they have a wider and fuller view of the road. They don’t have anything around them that can create blind spots, and turning their heads can give them a clear, all-around view. With the bike’s size, they can move from lane to lane if another vehicle blocks their view. Seeing the road better, especially other motorists around, can give you a better chance of adjusting yourself to drive safely and avoid accidents.
  2. Quicker evasion and response – Once you see something gone awry you can have quicker response to avoid it. Being smaller than other vehicles on the road also make motorcycles swerve to other lanes to avoid collisions, and can pull to off shoulders safely if necessary. Motorcycles can also accelerate faster from a dangerous scene, and clearly has more evasion maneuvers than a car.
  3. More focused on driving – distractions are the leading cause of road accidents, and being inside the car makes a person be tempted to multitask. With the convenience of being able to drive with only one hand and doing another thing, people who drive cars can get distracted very easily, making them prone to accidents. Motorcycle riders, on the other hand, need both hands to drive, and put their attention to driving. They can’t afford to get distracted by doing another thing while on their bikes, thus they pay more attention to their driving and to other motorists.
  4. Better understanding of safety – motorcycle riders have very little protection, which explains why they are more attuned to driving safely than most motorists. Even with the protection offered by the car if the driver is careless, then accidents can still occur. Because riders understand their vulnerability when driving on the roads, they take a stance of defensive driving to protect themselves, making them a more responsible driver than most motorists.


Driving motorcycles definitely have their risks, as with driving cars. Everything we do comes with risks, we need to learn to recognize and understand these risks and do our best to minimize them to avoid accidents. Motorcycle accidents can definitely lead to serious injuries, but being a responsible motorist can greatly prevent these injuries.

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