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Dangers of Riding at Night

Posted by on May 23, 2013

Riding at night can be unavoidable for many who have a motorcycle as their transportation. Although it is not really advisable to ride at night, a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts still do it; maybe because it gives a more different type of experience. Riding at night can make the rider more attentive and focused on driving, having to not only rely on their sight, but also to their smell and hearing. Riders at night need to be more observant, more responsive and quick to anticipate any danger that can happen suddenly.


The biggest danger of riding at night is being unseen and not able to see. This is one of the main reasons for a motorcycle accident. To avoid such problems and other concerns for riding at night, here are some tips that can help keep you safe:


  1. Visibility – staying visible while riding at night can be difficult; this is why it is important to have reflective jackets and pants while riding at night. It also helps to have an extra taillights and dual-running set of headlights that can make you more visible to the other motorist and makes you see the road ahead of your more clearly. Putting reflective tapes on your bike and helmet will also enhance your visibility at night. Also, make sure your helmet’s visor is equipped for night ride – clean it before using and change cracked visors.
  2. Defensive driving – give yourself enough space to respond to any trouble that you can encounter on the road, and don’t stay on another motorists’ blind spot. Avoid riding on the edge of the road where there may be lots of rocks, potholes and animals that can suddenly jump in your way. Take note of your speed; follow the speed limit and don’t drive too fast. Driving close to the middle of the road whenever possible.
  3. Be proactive – don’t give in to other motorist who are challenging you into a race, taunt you or are showing off. Don’t give in to road rage – you are more vulnerable to accidents than other motorists. Rest if you feel you are tired while driving, and wear clothing that is appropriate for night riding.


Riding your motorcycle at daytime if very different from riding it on night, there are certain situations that you need to be more attentive to and consider. For a motorcycle rider, safety comes in increased presence in the road I order to avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident.

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