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5 Tips For Driving Safely During Summer Break

Posted by on May 17, 2013

Summer break is a time for enjoying your friends, spending time with family, and traveling. Although the summer time is usually extremely enjoyable and give people memories that last a lifetime, a car accident can ruin this in an instant.

Unfortunately, summer break for students can greatly increase the chance that a person is involved in an accident due to a number of factors. And since no one wants to spend their summer dealing with the repercussions of an accident or contacting a personal injury lawyer should another driver cause them to be involved in an accident, drivers should consider taking the following tips for driving safely during their vacation time into account:

    1. Be aware of intoxicated or inebriated drivers. People tend to drink alcohol in much greater amounts during the holidays, making the chance that you may encounter a tipsy or drunk driver much greater. Additionally, people tend to drink more throughout the day rather than just late at night, making it imperative that you drive with caution at all times. Should you drive near someone who is exhibiting signs of drunk driving such as weaving between lanes, driving in the wrong direction, stopping or accelerating suddenly, or swerving suddenly, you should drive as far behind them as possible or try to take another route.
    2. Drive appropriately in inclement weather. While not every city or town has to deal with the effects that snow can have on roads, any place can be susceptible to the occasional snow fall or roads icing over. In such situations, you should consider not traveling anywhere in your vehicle or make sure to take appropriate actions and drive much more carefully if you have to go somewhere.
    3. Make yourself aware of the driving regulations in any places that you travel to. Many people visit family and friends during the vacation time, meaning they may find themselves driving in new places. Although many laws and driving standards stay the same, not all do. As such, it is necessary for you to make yourself aware of any laws and regulations that may be different from where you live.
    4. Give yourself extra time to get from place to place. As there are more drivers on the road during the holidays, traffic can increase greatly. Additionally, many people have important places they need to be, causing many to feel rushed when driving. However, if you plan ahead and give yourself some extra time, you can drive more safely and not feel like you have to make hazardous driving decisions in order to be somewhere on time.
    5. Be more aware of pedestrians. During summer vacation, there tend to be more people walking around, whether shopping, seeing tourist attractions, or for other reasons, especially in more urban settings. As such, it is important for drivers to be aware of this increase in pedestrian activity and be more cautious when driving on streets where pedestrians may be.

By taking these and other safe driving tips into consideration, you may be able to protect you and your loved ones from being involved in an accident during your summer break vacation.

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