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Look Out For Those Shoulder Drop-Offs!

Posted by on Mar 15, 2013

Road defects are a common cause of auto accidents in the United States. These problems arise due to faulty installation, poor design, and natural wear and tear. It is the state or municipality’s responsibility to take care of these problems should they pose a threat to motorists, and neglecting even the smallest defects could potentially lead to disastrous accidents.

It is the driver’s responsibility to stay attentive on the road and to drive safely; however not everything is under the driver’s control. Other motorists, car defects, and road defects are just among the many factors that can contribute to having an auto accident. With the deteriorating state of the roads because of constant use, even shoulder drop-offs can become a hazard for drivers.

Shoulder drop-offs offer a safe stopping place for those having problems with their vehicles, either to perform quick fixes, such as changing tires or making cargo adjustments, or to call a professional towing company in order to get qualified car repair service at a shop. Unfortunately, faulty construction work and defective repairs can make these drop-offs dangerous. Among the most common accidents that can happen on shoulder drop-offs are:

1.    Roll-over accidents

2.    Tire damages or tire blow-outs

3.    Damages to the suspension system

4.    Damages to the steering system, disabling your control over the vehicle

Not many people take defective or uneven shoulder drop-offs as dangerous places, but they can contribute to a serious auto accident which can cause severe injuries, not only to the driver of the vehicle, but also to the passengers and to other motorists are well. Since it is the government’s responsibility to take care of the roads and maintain them, they are the ones that can be held liable for an auto accident connected to road defects, including should drop-offs.

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